The PantoRouter™ is a precision woodworking joinery machine.

Precise - Repeatable - Mortise and Tenon - Simple angle joinery - Compound angle joinery

Multiple mortise & tenon - Custom shaped mortise & tenon - Fast & accurate dovetails

Fast & accurate box joints - The uses are limited only by your imagination! 

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Watch the PantoRouter in action by clicking the video below.

The PantoRouter makes traditional woodworking joinery fast, accurate, safe and fun. Mortise and tenon, box joints and dovetails are just the beginning! Even compound angles are easy to setup and cut. Look in our Support section to see many more videos and our How-To Guide. Our PantoProjects section has numerous amazing customer projects. Look around on our site and please shoot us a message if we can answer any questions.

In the video below, George Vondriska from Woodworkers Guild of America does an excellent job explaining how the PantoRouter works and he shows how mortises and tenons are cut using the same template. He also talks about box joints and dovetails and other unique features of the PantoRouter. Enjoy!

George Vondriska gives an overview of how the PantoRouter works. George shows mortise and tenon and talks about box joints and dovetails. George's description is clear and concise and his demonstration is easy to follow. Highly recommended!

How It Works

The PantoRouter uses a guide bearing to follow a template which moves the router bit to cut a pattern in shape.

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