The PantoRouter™ is a precision woodworking joinery machine.

Precise - Repeatable - Mortise and Tenon - Simple angle joinery - Compound angle joinery

Multiple mortise & tenon - Custom shaped mortise & tenon - Fast & accurate dovetails

Fast & accurate box joints - The uses are limited only by your imagination! 

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Watch what you can do with the PantoRouter:

Watch us cut three different sized mortise and tenons, plus box and dovetail joints.  There's never been an easier and more accurate way to create such a wide variety of woodworking joinery.

In this video we show more mortise and tenon, box and dovetail joints  plus a Japanese temple joint and a way to set up for edge band trimming.  Enjoy!

We have Quadro Mortise and Tenon templates for both the classic acrylic template holder and the aluminum template holder introduced in September 2016. Both make incredibly strong joinery and both are easy, fun and fast. The new template holder system is now available in the online store.

How It Works

The PantoRouter uses a guide bearing to follow a template which moves the router bit to cut a pattern in shape.

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