View or download the assembly guide pDF by clicking here:

Assembly Guide 2018

we've compiled our how-to guides for mortise and tenon, box joints and dovetails plus directions for setting the thickness gage, scribing the table and using the centering-scale fence.  click here to view or download it or order a spiral bound copy from our online store.

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ASSEMBLY GUIDE - 2017 Version.


 Assembly Pack Parts

Assembly Pack Parts


View or Download the detailed assembly guide by clicking this link:  
Assembly Guide for the PantoRouter®
This guide goes through the process step-by-step and includes photos of each part and sub-assembly as they go together.

When you're finished with the basic assembly, click to watch this video about assembling the Template Holder and Thickness Gauge.

Template Holder Assembly Video

When you're ready to start using your PantoRouter use this Quick Start Guide for basic settings, guide bearing and router bit combinations.

Quick Start Guide

Our How-To Guides will help you to learn how to use the PantoRouter.  Have fun with it, and like all shop tools, always work safely and follow the warning placards.


Frank Howarth's stop-motion animation of assembling the original fixed-table Hybrid PantoRouter.
This is great fun to watch though the newer version of the PantoRouter is somewhat different from this older version.