Mortise and Tenon
How-To Guide

With its 2-to-1 movement and 2-in-1 templates, the PantoRouter™ makes faster, better-fitting mortises and tenons than any other method. The templates are the key, capturing the guide bearing in their center slot to make the mortise, and then guiding the guide bearing around the outside for foolproof tenons too. A slanted guide surface allows incredibly fine adjustments to tenon fit, for perfect results right off the machine.


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Variably-Spaced Dovetail
How-To Guide

Your PantoRouter™ package comes with 2-in-1 dovetail templates that cut both pins and tails with no change of setup, just like the templates for mortises and tenons. The template for each pin/tail is a separate unit, so they can be attached along the template holder in any array, to create a pleasing layout for workpieces up to 8 in. wide  



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Box Joint  
How-To Guide

Even easier than it cranks out dovetails, the PantoRouter uses a single steel template (included in your package) to make immaculate box joints in two sizes, with perfect joints right off the machine—no sample boards or fitting required. For 1/2-in. fingers, use the 1/2-in. bit supplied, and skip every other slot in the template. For 1/4-in. box joints on smaller projects, use the smaller bit and every slot on the template.


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