Whiteside Router Bits


Whiteside Router Bits

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Whiteside Router Bits are made of the highest quality materials on state of the art manufacturing equipment. We provide several sizes that are known to work well with our templates allowing our customers to buy the router bit, template and guide bearing either separately or as a bundle.

  • WS RU5150 - Two-flute spiral up-cut, 1/2" shaft, 1/2" cutting diam, 1-1/2" cutting length

  • WS RU4900 - Two-flute spiral up-cut, 1/2" shaft, 3/8" cutting diam, 1.25" cutting length

  • WS RU2100 - Two-flute spiral up-cut, 1/4" shaft, 1/4" cutting diam, 1" cutting length

  • WS RU1600 - Two-flute spiral up-cut, 1/4" shaft, 1/8" cutting diam, 1/2" cutting length

  • WS D8-500 - Dovetail bit, 8°, 1/2" cutting diameter, carbide cutters

  • WS D8-687 - Dovetail bit, 8°, 11/16" cutting diameter, carbide cutters

Reference our Bit/Guide Bearing Selection guide for help deciding on the correct assembly.