The Pro-Pack PantoPackage

The Pro-Pack PantoPackage

$100 off the Pro-Pack for plus a free plan for Matthias Wandel’s three-legged stool!

Discount Code: MW3

Pro-Pack Panto-Package

In honor of Matthias Wandel, the inventor of the original PantoRouter™, we are offering a hundred dollars off the purchase of a PantoRouter. You also get a full set of plans to build a three-legged stool using the tilting table and advanced functions of the PantoRouter to make compound angled joinery.

The "PRO-PACK" package includes  the Tilting Table PantoRouter™ kit and all of the templates, guide bearings and router bits needed to make Mortise and Tenon, Box Joints, and Variably Spaced Dovetails, plus a 110 Volt Porter Cable PC8902 router.  We include the Dust Collector Hood, the Centering Scale Fence, and two Lever Clamps.  

See our online store for full details on the Pro-Pack Panto-Package.

Use Discount Code MW3 to receive the discount on the Pro-Pack

You can click here to view or download our HOW-TO GUIDE to give you an idea of the woodworking joinery you can make with the PantoRouter™              "How-To Guide"